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Tips for Children to Stay Comfortable when Activities in Hot Weather

Daytime is a fun time for children, because it can be more free to do outdoor activities. To keep your little one comfortable while doing activities in hot weather during the day, there are a number of things Mother can do. Outdoor activities will increase the social and motor skills of children. But when playing and doing activities in hot weather, children will be vulnerable to sun exposure and at risk of dehydration. Various Ways to Protect Children in Hot Weather To protect children during hot weather, limit children's outdoor activities when the sun is hot, at 10:00 to 15:00. In addition, do the following ways to make your little one stay comfortable during hot weather: 1. Apply sunscreen (sunscreen) Apply sunscreen to keep children comfortable in hot weather. Applying sunscreen is useful for protecting children from the sun. For maximum results, apply sunscreen with SPF 15 or more, about 30 minutes before your little one is outdoors. If possible, repeat the use of su
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5 Myths about Sleeping Babies It's Important to Know

When you become a parent, there may be a lot of information that Mother and Father get, for example myths about baby sleeping. Though not necessarily the myths circulating are proven true. Come on, know what are the myths about baby sleep that is not right. All parents would want the baby to sleep soundly and comfortably, without experiencing any interference. However, sometimes there are things or habits that parents do relating to baby sleep, based on myths only. In fact, these myths might interfere or pose health risks to the baby. Myths about Sleeping Babies Here are some myths about infant sleep that are widely circulating in the community: 1. Familiarize the baby to sleep on his side or sideways If Mother and Father get the baby to sleep on their side or sideways, it is recommended that you stop this habit from now on. In fact, sleeping on your side or sideways on the baby can actually increase the risk of the baby experiencing sudden death syndrome. Meanwhile, sleeping o

Check out the Benefits of Pepper that is Too Bad to Miss

Pepper or pepper is one of the most widely used spices in cooking, especially Indonesian cuisine. There are two types of pepper known to the public, namely black pepper and white pepper. However, did you know besides being used as a spice in the kitchen, it turns out that the benefits of pepper in the health sector are a pity to miss. Pepper itself is a raw fruit produced from the Piper Nigrum plant. History records that in the 18th century, a Portuguese explorer named Vasco de Gama, had led an expedition on a mission to find the presence of pepper to be traded. Aside from being the most traded commodity in the entire world, it turns out that pepper has also long been used in traditional medicine in India. Until now, there are those who consider the benefits of pepper to cure certain conditions, such as stomach pain, bronchitis, malaria and cholera, although this theory still needs further proof. Various Benefits of Pepper for Health Pepper is a type of spice that contains a vari